Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Community Acupuncture in Eden, UT

Community Acupuncture is an affordable alternative to individual appointments. This revolutionary business model has the goal to make acupuncture more affordable and accessible.  In the community acupuncture setting, clients are treated in a room, seated in a recliner, at the same time as 2 or 3 other clients.  Needles are placed in distal points (below the knee and elbow, on the scalp as well as on the ear) so that patients can remain fully clothed during a treatment. Many conditions, including low back pain can be treated with distal acupuncture points.  By sharing the space and the acupuncturist time and attention, clients also essentially share the cost.  By making acupuncture treatments affordable, in this case, $20 per session, it is hoped that patients can make more frequent visits and their conditions will respond favorable and more quickly.

In the Community Acupuncture setting, a very brief history is obtained, as well as a pulse evaluation. Clients will pick a chair and then needles are placed.  It is recommended that you wear loose clothing that can be easily and comfortable pushed above your knees and elbows. Shoes and socks are removed, as points are often selected in hands and feet. The environment is respectfully quiet.  Many believe that the community setting itself has a healing quality to it, a certain collective energy in the room. Clients usually are ready to have their needles out in 45 minutes to an hour, but can stay as long as they’d like, unless after one hour someone else is waiting for a treatment.

During an individual acupuncture session (not Community acupuncture) a more thorough history and evaluation is obtained, as well as additional therapies can be utilized, i.e. cupping, acutonics etc.  If you feel you’d like to be evaluated and treated initially with an individual session like this, then follow up in the Community Acupuncture setting that is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it could help me individualize and fine tune the point selection to better treat your condition.

Community Acupuncture treatment is still geared to treat you condition. It is $20 per session. In addition, during the Community Acupuncture hours, I am also offering an ‘intro to acupuncture’ session, where a general treatment of 4 to 6 needles are placed for either  a nourishing of qi/energy treatment , or a calming/relaxing treatment. This is your chance to try it out, especially if you’re worried about how the needles will feel.  Shan Yao Mountain Medicine will be offering Community Acupuncture during the hours of the Farmers Market, Saturdays from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. At this point in time, no appointments are necessary, Walk Ins encouraged.  In the future as demand increases,  clients will sign up for a specific time the week before, or call to make an appointment/reservation.  If for some reason I’m not out front marshalling people in to try acupuncture, please just walk back through the High Altitude Fitness cardio room, start your paperwork and pick your chair!! Hope to see you there, enjoying the Farmers Market and adding acupuncture to aid in your health and wellness!  Shan Yao Mountain Medicine is an Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Clinic, Beth Kristenson Licensed Acupuncturist. Regular clinic hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. by appointment, at 801-783-2094.


  1. Update. Find the clinic through its own entrance in the back of the Old Town Eden building. Still no appts necessary. Last two Saturday's we filled up fast. If the trend continues I will extend the hours till 2.

  2. Hello Beth,
    It was nice meeting you, and receiving treatment on 2/16/13 at your Community Acupuncture clinic. It was very relaxing and effective. I look forward to coming to Eden again next month. Thank you.